Expect Miracles in Abadiania


Say what you will about miracles, but I believe in them.  I see them every day – just stop what you are doing for a second and look around.  Breathe. The very fact that your heart is pumping blood into your veins and the trees are providing your lungs with oxygen is a miracle.  How do you think that caterpillar became a butterfly?  Life itself is a miracle.  I think we sometimes take these miracles for granted.  Most of us are very disconnected from our own breath, which is guiding our life force.  So if we are not even conscious of our own breathing, how can we truly recognize a miracle when we see one?


Maybe I’m using the term ‘miracle’ too loosely, but I guess my heart is still wide open from my recent trip to Brazil.  Not just any place in Brazil – I mean, don’t get me wrong, Rio, Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, these are all incredible places to visit, but this place is different.  The tiny town I visited is called Abadiania, and I went there looking for a miracle.

Abadiania lies in the middle of these rolling hills in central Brazil in the state of Goias, about an hour and half from Brasilia.  It has recently been put on the map by a man who goes by the name John of God, or Medium Joao, as he prefers to be called in Portuguese.  I heard about him a number of times before, and a friend of mine and myself made a spiritual pilgrimage to see him last year.  You can read about our previous visit here.

 photo (8)

Having gone through what I consider to be a profound shift in consciousness over the course of this past year, I decided to make another visit.  This time I would be accompanying my mother who is searching for her own miracle.

I feel like I should preface the next part by explaining what exactly goes on in this little town In the Middle of Nowhere, Brazil.  That is, if you haven’t already read my friend Susan’s blog post or seen John of God on Oprah, (cuz she’s been to Abadiania too.. and so has Ram Dass by the way…) then pay close attention to this part.

Okay, so Medium Joao is a full trance medium, that means that the healing work that is done by him is actually done through him from energies that have transitioned out of their bodies. Side note:  I realize that may sound a little far out to some of you.. and trust me, even though I had been reading metaphysical books for years and even visiting energy healers, and later on becoming one myself, I was still very skeptical when I heard about him.  And might I add, a little skepticism is not such a bad thing.  I mean, we are constantly fed lies by the media and a countless number of advertisements on a daily basis – its hard to know who to trust. So that is why I had to see this ‘Miracle Man’ for myself.

But I digress.. you see, devotees of Spiritism, the tradition that Medium Joao comes from, believe that there is no such thing as death, just a transition to another dimension, or another reality that cannot be detected by the five senses.  Some may see this as returning to source energy.  Others may define it as heaven or even a form of reincarnation.  But one thing is for sure, everything is energy, and like Einstein said –

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

There is energy around us that cannot be perceived by our five senses – these are the types of energies that miracles are made of.  These are the types of energies that are working through this wonderful man in Brazil.  I know because I experienced them for myself.

hand of light

People come from all over the world to experience these unseen and sometimes seen miracles.  They come to visit Medium Joao, they come to visit the Casa de Dom Ignacio, (Casa for short) where many of these healing miracles take place.  You might be wondering why this place was chosen to be built in a very rural Brazilian town.  Well apparently the Casa is built on a bed of crystals, so the energy of this area is intensified by these crystals, making the healing energies that work through Medium Joao even more powerful.  Not to mention the power of all those that believe. So many people come here from all walks of life, looking to heal from physical and emotional distress.  They are looking to fill in the gaps with LOVE, that is really what is happening here.

I must admit, the way that things are done in Abadiania is a miracle in itself.  At any given time there could be more than 2,000 people present, and somehow, everyone gets a chance to be in the presence of healing energy.  That could mean many different things since there is no one path to wholeness, and everyone’s ‘prescription’ from Medium Joao is going to be just a little different.  For example, you may only be prescribed the Casa herbs or a crystal bed session, or you might actually be told you need a spiritual surgery.  But regardless of the type of ‘prescription,’ you are given the right healing for you, and you alone.

The healings that occur at the Casa all occur through grace.  Faith is the driving force of many, and it is this deep faith in a higher power that is truly channeling such healing energies.  It is the intention to heal and be well that opens the doors to an endless realm of possibilities.   I’m learning this every day through my mother and from my friend Jack who is also looking for his own miracle.  Opening oneself up, and surrendering to what every moment brings is courageous and requires a tremendous amount of faith.  It is through faith that I have experienced true peace and a divine love that I didn’t know was within me.  It reminds me of this Rumi quote –

“What you seek is seeking you.”

If you look for miracles, you will find them.

The healing that many of us seek is not always physical, but often times it is spiritual or emotional in nature.  These can be more difficult to identify as they aren’t quite as measurable as a physical illness, but can be just as debilitating, if not more.  For those of us that are wounded in this sense, a visit to the Casa can put us in touch with the parts of ourselves that are harder to reach.. out of fear, and out of pain.  A daily practice of stillness can also help bring us in touch with such things, but maybe we also need the help of a qualified doctor or therapist.  Whatever the case may be, it is important to recognize that you are wounded, that is all.  There is nothing inherently wrong with you, you are not bad. you are just wounded, like so many of us.  But the path back to oneself must begin with oneself.  For some, it may mean traveling across the globe to visit a man who performs miracles.  For others, the journey may begin by seeking help from AA or a self-help book even.  A journey is a journey, no more and no less.. It reminds me of Dante’s, Divine Comedy.  In order to get to heaven, he had to go through the many layers of hell that surrounded it.  It is our job to follow the light through the tunnel of darkness, but sometimes we need a little help along the way.  I know I do.  My recent trip to Abadiania didn’t give me all the answers that I seek, for one should never stop being curious.  But it did, however, deepen my faith in a higher power – the source of unconditional love and compassion that is already within each and every one of us.




PS – here are some other videos from spiritual teachers who were expecting miracles in Abadiania.

Gabriel Bernstein – author of May Cause Miracles and many other bestselling books.

Wayne Dyer – renowned inspirational teacher and bestselling author.

Sanjay Gupta – CNN’s Sanjay Gupta interviews a well-respected journalist and Harvard graduate doctor who both visited Abadiania.


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